Fresh Seafood from our Algarve coast
The best seafood
Prepared Seafood
in 30 minutes We cook all kinds of seafood to have your meal in the safety of your home
We have take away
We prepare seafood to enjoy at home
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Sea Fish

Fresh fish

take away

Snacks and Take Away


From Ria Formosa


Special Wines for each Seafood or Fish

in 30 min

Cooked & Live Seafood

At home

Utensils for preparation

about us

Our Boutique

No ramo do marisco há mais de 20 anos

Boutique do Marisco has over 10 years of existence.
Our main assets are the National Product, the Freshness in our products always, and the Quality we have for you.

Discover our high quality wild shrimp

Prawns of the Coast, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Madagascar, Carabineran and Crayfish


What we represent

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We have our Boutique open in Albufeira available for you


Our products are all fresh, from the sea and from our Algarve coast

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All our fish and seafood is caught by hand, and depends on the tide and our fishermen

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Always available to serve you and prepare your seafood within 30 minutes of placing your order


for each dish

white wines

Accompaniment for the best Seafood. We have specific wines for each meal.

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sparkling wines

A right choice and the best quality to enjoy.

Rosé wines

May the best fish have the most suitable wine to accompany.

Cooking Suggestions

Razor-clams Bulhão de Pato Style

Seafood Rice

Stuffed Crab


The best for you


Certificates guaranteeing the excellence and quality of our products.


Important care and temperatures, we are demanding.


We prepare your take away meals with all the care and conditions.


Maximum demand for our products, and everything that involves storage and preparation.

Bivalves of the Ria Formosa


Variety of crustaceans


variety of bivalves


variety of fish

take away

order your seafood

Enjoy at Home

You can order your seafood. If you have any doubts to cook, Boutique do Marisco tells you everything you need to prepare your meal from the safety of your home, with your family.


Our reviews

There is always good quality seafood here. It can be taken raw or cooked. I particularly like the stuffed shoe racks, Celmira is a specialist!! Takeaway menu · Fantastic food
André Pereira
Seafood already cooked which is a Spectacle, divine flavor. Congratulations 👏
Filomena Valente
Extraordinary quality shoe rack. Wonderful squids and clams. Best place to buy fish and seafood.
Lurdes Moreira

feel safe

Boutique do Marisco provides recipes and cooking time for each Seafood or Fish, so that the quality of what you buy is reflected in the dish you prepare at home.


Always ready to answer




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domingo 10:00–13:00
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